Vanja is at Sanquin!

I apologise to Vanja for being late in updating the world about her recent activities:) So, Vanja is at Sanquin, already spending her fifth week there! She is getting experience in lentiviral transduction of primary B-cells in culture, and HEK293 Free Style cells, expressing IgG, our new model in studying regulation of IgG glycosylation. She is trying to insert our CRISPR/Cas9 constructs for the MGAT3 and BACH2 genes in these type of cells . She already did a lot and we hope she will have some nice results till the end of her stay at Sanquin. Good luck, Vanja!

Or, French people would say “Merde“:)

The origin of the French term ‘merde’ (shit) to say good luck