Completion of FP7 IBD-BIOM project

By 30th September 2016 we reached the end of FP7 IBD-BIOM project. It was a successful and productive project that is somehow continuing with our new HORIZON2020 project SYSCID (A SYStems medicine approach to Chronic Inflammatory Disease) that is about to start. With the end of IBD-BIOM we have lost two members of our team – Paula and Dora. We are missing them, however, we see the rearrangements in the group as a new beginning. Paula is looking forward to going abroad, and Dora will still be “hanging” with us for a couple of month in order to finish her PhD thesis. “The Only Thing that is Constant is Change” (Heraclitus) – Change is really the true constant in life, without change you don’t grow, learn or fully develop into who you are as a person. Therefore, Paula and Dora we wish you good luck in the process of growing.